Triumph Service

Professional cleaning and Window cleaning for businesses.

​Triumph Service are there to deal with the day to day cleaning of your business, we can offer a program that is put together after your own special needs to cover all your requirements.

We strive to be the best.

​It is important for us that our customers are more than happy with our performance and therefore make the time to have constant contact with our customers to keep us on the forefront of their needs.

Cleaning with you and the environment in mind

​With the environment in mind Triumph Service will when applicable only use environmentally friendly products.

Contact us - Let us tell you more about Triumph Service and the advantages there are with us as your cleaning service provider.

All window cleaning undertaken

​We have the necessary equipment and know how to deal with all types of window cleaning , have you had workmen on site or does the building front need cleaning, glass or corrugated panel buildings. Height has no limits for Triumph Service, we work from lifts and scaffolding when required.

One service provider for all your needs.

​Do you have more than one department in Denmark, why not save money on administration and let triumph Service deal with all you r window cleaning needs, we clean windows all over Denmark. Contact Triumph service today.



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Triumph Service

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